Welcome to Expert In My Pocket

Expert in My Pocket is a mobile-enabled repository of learning resources that demonstrate specific skills that nursing and paramedic students must acquire to provide safe and effective health care.

The videos are shown from a first person point of view (1PPoV) by expert health clinicians and are available in a high-quality format compatible with computers and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Each video has an associated Skill Sheet that provides extended information about the skill.

Mobile communications technology can provide ’just-in-time’ support to learn and practice specific clinical skills. These videos are a supplement to the learning resources provided in your accredited program. They are not designed to replace contemporary teaching of clinical skills. Most of the skills are relevant to a range of health professionals, while a limited number are discipline-specific at an undergraduate level.

We recommend that you use either Google Chrome or Apple Safari for optimal mobile video performance with expertinmypocket.com.au. If using Android devices we suggest you use the QR Droid code scanner if accessing videos from QR codes.